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Published Dec 22, 21
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2. Check the Coverage Map for Your Cell Service Provider, Your carrier itself may provide some information about cell phone tower locations or at least where coverage is supposed to be supported. These maps can help you see if you’re not getting a good signal because your area isn’t covered.

Here’s a look at coverage maps for each of the major carriers. Rather than showing cell phone tower locations, Verizon provides a color-coded coverage map to help you understand if you’re supposed to get service in a specific area. informs users of the coverage type and signal quality that you can expect based on the mapped address you put in the search bar (e.

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4G LTE Quality: Excellent). To learn more about how to interact with their cell tower map read more here. AT&T provides a similar map and features approximate wireless voice coverage for your mapped address, including third-party coverage. You can zoom in on specific locations for even more information. You can also search by your current location.

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T-Mobile’s interactive map allows you to compare the coverage and signal strength for your address against what you can expect from the other major carriers. They also have a cell tower search where you can enter in your address and locate the nearest cell tower. Sprint is now a part of T-Mobile, but it still has its own dedicated coverage map.

3. Use a Smartphone App to Locate a Tower, You can also download cell phone tower location apps on smartphones. This lets you locate a cell tower near you no matter where you are, which can be convenient for people who travel a lot. If you want a quick resource for locating cell phone towers near your house, consider downloading a cell tower finder app.

The Open, Signal app, available for i, Phone and Android, provides coverage maps for all major networks based on data crowdsourced from users. The app helps you see 2G, 3G, and 4G network availability (along with stats and speeds experienced on networks worldwide) to help accurately measure the everyday experience you can expect on your cellular device.

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This app shows you cell tower locations based on their database so you can easily track signal strength in a specific area. This app can monitor Wi, Fi and cell signal in real-time and show you maps with network cellular info and signal-meter gauges.Cell Tower Locator app is only available for Android and provides approximate locations of towers based on database information.

According to the developers of Cell Tower Locator, the precision of the estimated cell position is better for sites with three cells detected. If only one cell is visible it’s likely a cell serving area, not a position. Simply download this app, which is available for i, Phones, and allow it to use your current location to find nearby cell phone towers.

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If you’re curious about how fast your cell phone connection is where you live, work, or visit, anywhere in the U.S., check out the Coverage app. This handy tool lets you view the average download and upload speed for each of the major wireless carriers. How Can You Find 5G Towers Near You? If you’re looking for 5G coverage, then you need to locate specific towers.

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If there is a nearby 5G tower and your devices are 5G-capable, then you might expect faster speeds for data downloads and other perks when it comes to performance. You can discover where the 5G networks and towers are for your carrier by consulting its 5G coverage map. Simply use the links above for the carrier coverage maps and specify 5G coverage when searching.

At this time, there’s no scientific evidence linking these technologies to negative impacts on health and wellness. High levels of RF waves have been shown to cause body tissues to warm up, but there isn’t enough energy at the bottom of cell phone towers to cause this. How to Get Better Signal From the Nearest Tower, Locating a tower and knowing you have one within range is only a first step.

But if you’re getting any signal at all from that tower, there’s hope. A cell phone signal booster might help. A signal booster is an amplifier. It takes the existing signal coming into your location — even if it’s very weak because it has traveled from a distant tower or had to contend with natural or man-made barriers — and boosts it.